September 2017 Monthly Meeting and Networking Event

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September 6, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Emerald Queen Conference Center
5580 Pacific Hwy E
Fife, WA 98424

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

Speaker: Mary Bicknell, MSW, Business Strategist, Success Coach & Speaker

Topic: Empire Building: 5 Keys to Unlocking the Door to Your Very Own Empire!

Want it all? The lifestyle you desire and the business you need to create it is available to you! Today is the day you DECIDE you are ready to have make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world and make a BIG PROFIT as well. Come away from this talk with a clear outline of what it takes for you to embrace building your own empire, no matter how big or small you want it.

Key Points & Take Aways:

  • Learn the 3 step process to give yourself permission to have IT ALL, Unapologetically
  • The Biz Trifecta: What is this MUST have strategy so you can build BIG WITH EASE
  • 6 Systems Every Successful Business Owner Needs to Implement, today.
  • The SINGLE Most Important Skill Successful Business Women Need to MASTER
  • #1 Mistake New and Seasoned business owners make

About Mary…

Mary Bicknell is a speaker, mentor and business success coach for women who are disillusioned with the idea of working all the time and settling for the leftovers in life.

Mary combines her years of experience as a psychotherapist with her extensive knowledge of sales and business to support female business owners and entrepreneurs. Her goal with her clients is to act as a coach and consultant so they can make a big difference in the world all while making a big profit. Yes, you can have both.

She takes a stand for women designing their lifestyles first and then building their biz around it. She knows, it only takes being B.O.L.D. to do it. (being Brave, being Outgoing, being a Leader and being DECISIVE) She is the creator of two popular business programs; BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ PLAN and Empire Building 101.

Using her proven Biz Trifecta System to increase her business 450% in a single year, Mary proves that building a successful business can be done without all of the stereotypical “hard work”. Creating a plan, implementing systems to support the plan and having big mindset breakthroughs are the very foundation for super success.

Demanding lots of free time and big financial freedom, she works 3 days a week while earning multiple 6 figures. Her priority is to be a hands on mama to her daughter 9 year old, River and have plenty of time and energy for her dreamboat hubby, John.

Whether it is marching for women’s rights in Washington D.C. or teaching on a Google Hangout, Mary has always taken a stand for women living their most extraordinary life–guilt free!


Our September Meeting Spotlight Sponsors are Amy Murphy and Shirley Ann Hurley with Chalk Couture! These “two chalk’in chicks” are going to do a super fun demo to show you how to create versatile home decor featuring magnetic chalk boards, accessories, chalk paste and chalk transfers.  It’s going to be a “Chalk’ing good time!”

Our September Meeting Showcase Vendors are:  Marie Kidwell with AA2 Repair and Maintenance, Marsha McLean with Trunited, and Gracemarie Peters with Norwex!  Don’t forget to grab your meeting passport at the check in table and visit our vendors for a chance to win their prizes at the end of the meeting.  Some vendors may have cash & carry items for sale and most accept credit/debit cards, cash or personal checks as payment.