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March 2018 Monthly Meeting and Networking Event
Mar 7 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Speaker:  Susan Rohrer, Washington State Historical Society – Coordinator of The Women’s History Consortium

Topic:  The Wild Women of Washington State! Women Who Made a Difference…

About Susan…

Susan Rohrer is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has worked in the museum field for over twenty years presenting exhibits, education programs and statewide commemorations.

Susan has worked for the Washington State Historical Society since 1998, beginning as the Education Curator at the State Capital Museum for six years, followed by becoming the museum’s manager and is now currently the Director of Statewide Heritage Outreach.  Susan has spoken on professional museum practices at regional and national conferences. Her current projects include managing the statewide commemoration of the World War One Centennial, coordinating the Women’s History Consortium and developing exhibits and programs to celebrate and commemorate the 2020 National Women’s Suffrage Centennial in Washington State.

On the Topic…

March is Women’s History Month!  The people of the Pacific Northwest have a record of independence and self-determination which is exemplified by the woman who have inhabited our region from the beginning of recorded history to the present time.  This presentation will focus on the women who brought change and lead the way to more opportunities for women in the business, public, social and cultural sectors of society.  Controversy, courage and hard work; these are the stories of Washington’s wild women from recent and past history who made a difference!

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Our March Meeting Showcase Vendors are:   Michelle Murtagh with Ruby Ribbon, Andrea Day with Plexius Worldwide,   Don’t forget to grab your meeting passport at the check in table and visit our vendors for a chance to win their prizes at the end of the meeting.  Some vendors may have cash & carry items for sale and most accept credit/debit cards, cash or personal checks as payment.





April 2018 Special Event hosted by South Puget Sound BPW
Apr 4 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Social Media Superstars: A Panel of Experts on Social Media

About Our Panel…

Our panel of experts on social media is very well staffed with local entrepreneurs who are pioneers and true experts in the area of social media.  Their expertise ranges from the ever popular world of Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more! We are asking that BPW members and guests who are planning to attend email their questions to info@bpwsouthsound.com no later than Monday, April 2nd at 6pm so that we can compile a list of questions prior to the event.  Our panelists will come prepared to answer as many of your questions as possible in the time allotted.  We are hoping that we also have time to take a few extra questions from the attendees on the night of the event.  You’ll want to be sure and arrive early to get a great seat!

On the Topic…

Social media can be your “best friend” or your “dreaded enemy” when it comes to business (or our “social” life) !  Our esteemed panel of experts will answer your questions pertaining to the most popular social media platforms and best practices used in businesses today.  They will spark a determination in you to use these platforms to your advantage to grow and nurture your business. Come…learn…leave more social media savvy than when you arrived…that is the goal!

Our April Meeting Panel Sponsors are;  Each panel member has a sponsor who is a member of South Puget Sound BPW. 

  • Tonya Jackson with Riandi Photography is sponsoring Robert Nissenbaum of Tactical Social Media
  • Marie Kidwell with AA2 Repair & Maintenance is sponsoring Erin Alexander of Finally Social-A Social Media Company
  • Cari Franklin with The Cari Franklin Group/Keller Williams Realty is sponsoring Ryan Christensen of The REsource & Eagle Home Mortgage
  • Michelle Graham with Graham & Graham Elder Care Consultants is sponsoring Valarie Harris of Varris Marketing
  • Amy Hatcher with Cafe Pacific Catering is sponsoring Sarah Frink of Real Marketing Solutions
  • Carol Colvin with doTerra Essential Oils is sponsoring Micah Brown of Brand Marketing Mastery
  • Judi Brown with Tacoma Trophy is sponsoring Tessa Shaw of Asset Muse
  • Pat Fuller with The Pampered Chef is sponsoring Mitch Ratcliffe of Gig Economy Group
  • Dawn Veraldo with Carpet Care Northwest is sponsoring our Moderator for the evening, Rebecca Reece of SynRRg Creative

Everyone will receive a printed program at the door so they may get in touch with the panel members after the event if they wish to hire one of them for a consultation after the event.




May 2018 Monthly Meeting and Networking Event
May 2 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Speaker: Kay Miller, The Adventure

Topic: Uncopyable: How to Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!

About Kay …

Kay Miller has a unique – and Uncopyable – background in sales and marketing. After graduating from WSU, she was the first woman ever hired as an outside sales rep by a national builders hardware company.  Her next job was equally glamorous; she called on automotive distributors and repair shops, selling mufflers and catalytic converters. She was named Salesperson of the Year for achieving the highest sales increase in the country. Her nickname became “Muffler Mama.”

Steve Miller, Kay’s hunky husband, is a speaker, consultant and author. Steve works with corporations, associations and small businesses, helping them to market their services and products in a way that makes them Uncopyable.” His company is called “The Adventure.” He says he chose the name, “because he could.”

When Steve and Kay started a family 26 years ago, they decided to become partners so they’d have the freedom to become the most fantastic parents in history.  Steve’s title became “Kelly’s dad and Marketing Gunslinger.” Kay’s title became, “Everything Else.” Her role includes marketing, customer relationships, writing and editing, social media, and vacuuming.

Steve’s latest book (his seventh) has been a game changer for businesses of all sizes, in multiple industries. The book has 52 5-Star Reviews on Amazon, and was selected as one of only 11 books to be featured at the technology behemoth, CES 2018 (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show), where the book was the top seller.  Kay can be reached at; 253-347-0849 (cell)  or by email  kay@theadventure.com

The book, Uncopyable, will be for sale at our event for just $15!  (credit/debit/cash/check payments accepted) If you agree to read and review the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble within 30 days of purchase, Kay will give you an additional $5 off.  Books will be signed by the author!

On the Topic…

Synopsis of what will be presented;

Marketing Diamond overview – why most people market backward.  (Market, Message, Media, Moment)

Market: How do you Hunt Moose? (Who? Where? What? Tips…)

Uncopyable Branding: Build Your Own Box!

  • What’s your big promise? (exercise)
  • Why being “better” isn’t good enough
  • Playing up what sets you apart
  • Five tools for building your own box
  • Creating an Uncopyable Attachment

Uncopyable Innovation: Stealing Genius

  • Look at what the competition is doing and don’t do it
  • How to “Study Aliens” for Uncopyable ideas in unexpected places
  • What Harley Davidson, Disney, American Girl (and more) actually sell
  • How you can incorporate Uncopyable ideas into your business (exercise)

Real Life Example: How Steve sets himself apart from his competition, and the results!

Our May Meeting  Sponsor is;  Gracemarie Peters with Norwex

Our May Meeting Showcase Vendors are: Amy Murphy with Chalk Couture, Marie Kidwell with AA2 Repair and Maintenance, and Carol Colvin with doTerra Essential Oils.  Don’t forget to grab your meeting passport at the check in table and visit our vendors for a chance to win their prizes at the end of the meeting.  Some vendors may have cash & carry items for sale and most accept credit/debit cards, cash or personal checks as payment.





June 2018 Monthly Meeting and Networking Event
Jun 6 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Speaker:  Kristal Baker, Owner & CEO Express Employment Services, Bremerton

Topic: Bridging the Gap Between Multiple Generations in the Workplace

About Kristal… Kristal Baker, owner and CEO of the Bremerton Express office, has been a part of the Bremerton area community for 10 years. She relocated here after a brief weekend visit during which she fell in love with the area and decided to put down her roots in Kitsap County. In addition to being a local small business owner, Kristal is also very active in the community. She is a member with Silverdale, Poulsbo & Bremerton Chambers of Commerce, West Sound Human Resource Association, Kitsap Home Builders Association, American Staffing Association and the Alliance of Women Owned Business.

Kristal came from a background in Sales and Leadership and is uniquely suited to thrive in the HR & staffing industry. Supporting businesses across North America to thrive and grow in the areas of sales, communication, inventory control, hiring, training, systems, processes and leadership.  She has also had the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals in varying age groups throughout her work life. As the owner and CEO of Express Employment Services, she currently works with her staff to interview, train and place people of all generations in jobs where they can thrive.  She knows, first hand, what it takes to create an atmosphere of success in a work place with a multigenerational work force.

On the Topic… Kristal will be speaking about the wide variety of generations in today’s workplaces, how they are perceived to interact with others, where they thrive and falter, and most importantly how we can bridge the gap between these generations and work together effectively.

Our June Meeting Spotlight Sponsor is: Bonnie O’Leary

Our June Meeting Showcase Vendors are: